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We are standing at a crossroads, a moment in time where the course of human history is about to take a dramatic turn. AI already is a game-changing technology. In mere years, intelligent machines will outperform humans. 

As future-shapers, we hold the responsibility of reimagining a world that is more fair, more just, and more equitable. A world where our humanity will thrive, not falter. 


My work is uniquely devoted to reimagining the future of humanity in the age of intelligent machines. I speak with tremendous honesty and heart to inspire audiences around the world to shape positive visions for humanity and our new technological future. I work with thought leaders and change-makers to examine the forces that will define our world and develop the visionary skills needed to become conscious custodians of our AI future. And, I explore the role we humans can play in the Future of Work and Future of Society. 


With my team at HelloHumanity, I work with conscious leaders to enhance the qualities of humanity that are so critical at this AI development juncture and will over time be our greatest competitive advantage against intelligent and autonomous machines. We advance our skills for ethical and moral decision-making, imagination, socio-emotional intelligence, and daring + visionary leadership. 

My belief? Machines might just free us to become more human.


12 Things that

Make Me Human.

1 I met my husband 20 years ago, and it feels just like yesterday. 

I love my children in ways the universe can’t contain — you know this because when I think of them or am near them, I burst into beams.

I speak 5 languages — no, these haven't been uploaded. These are a gift from a nomadic existence and a fierce belief in the power of human connection and understanding. 

In a magical moment in our car, my son said “Mom you’re the perfect person to change the world — you’re smart, kind, and good at everything.  Well, not everything. You’re not good at being angry.” I sure hope he's right. 

I believe we must fiercely protect children rights in our AI future, and that designing for human flourishing (which includes the planet) should be our #1 priority

Leading, teaching and practicing meditation and mindfulness are my windows to wisdom. 

I believe humans — with the gift of imagination, wisdom, and compassion —  have the utmost responsibility for protecting this planet and all the species that live upon it. There is no realistic Planet B where our issues aren't going to follow us. Mars is not a deflection option.

I believe our only advantage in the age of AI is HI, our Human Intelligence, and that we are in a moment in time that requires a much deeper and more intentional exploration of what that means.

You can often find me dancing at sunrise at a Daybreaker event. It’s my highway to joy. 

10 I am embarrassingly smitten with my little spotted dog — it’s not just the spots, it’s the adorable pink paws! Truth be told, just about all furry animals bring out the emoji hearts in my eyes.

11 I believe vulnerability, emotional literacy, and self-expression lead to freedom, connection, and imagination. Enhancing our courage to live from these places could change the world.


12I am told I give really good hugs. I intend them to connect and to heal. 

What makes you human?

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