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Chubb Calderon


Caroline's reputation as a speaker is built on her ability to draw audiences into a spellbinding future where artificial intelligence, robotics, synthetic biology, and other exponential technologies challenge the very notions of what it means to be human. She has the rare ability to create a captivating space for audiences to authentically examine what we value about our humanity and inspire leaders with actionable strategies to lead for humanity in the age of machines. She explores these topics with tremendous honesty, warmth and humor.

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Speaking Topics

Caroline will work with you to customize her talks within the scope of her expertise. 

  • The Point of Us: The Future of Humanity in the Age of Machines
    When machines outperform humans, what becomes the purpose of our humanity? What role will humans play in the future of work and future of life? In this talk, I help executives examine the forces that will lead to either the evolution or extinction of our humanity, and what we need to do TODAY to prepare HUMANS for the future of work and life in the age of intelligent and autonomous machines.
  • Leadership 4.0: Leading for Humanity
    How will we show up as leaders at this seminal time in human history? We’re entering a new era where our choices in the executive chambers are not only driving profit, they are — in every way — shaping the course of human history. A new revolution of leadership is required. As CxOs we’ve achieved success by perfecting our craft and leading for growth, profitability and innovation. No one has prepared us to lead with the moral imagination, wisdom, and courage to lead for humanity. In this talk I explore what the next revolution of leadership will require and how we can each take steps to develop our ethics, bravery and visionary leadership to lead this once-in-a-generation chance to reimagine the future for humanity.
  • Human Intelligence in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
    Part keynote, part workshop, in this talk I explore the domains of humanity that stand outside the foreseeable reach of machines, and through experiential and deeply immersive exercises I help audiences lean into these skills, and together, we begin to unravel our concepts of human value and help create a possibility for a new future.
  • What Will You Become? The Future of Work
    How do we redeploy our talent? What skills do we need to develop? It’s no secret that the future of work will look dramatically different than it does today as machines of all kinds play an increasing role in our future. The picture that is often portrayed is of dystopian drylands of jobless humans. In this talk, I share a more optimistic and positive view on the future - leading with the question - when machines take over the labor of our jobs, WHAT COULD WE BECOME? This talk picks up from "The Point of Us” keynote and goes into specifics. I explore the dramatic displacements that will happen and the emerging domains of human value. This speech is full of actionable foresights on how we can prepare humans to lead, work, live and thrive in our AI future.
  • Forces of Change: 4 Ds of Disruption + AI in the Next 10 Years
    What is on the event horizon? How do we prepare for the future? The accelerating pace of technological development is presenting new challenges and opportunities. In my talks, I cover the key mega-shifts happening in the AI space, and highlight the vital choices executives face. Crucially, I make sense of how these shifts will impact business, life and society.
  • Ethics is Everyone's Business
    Ethical risks are growing, and are increasingly becoming the central focus of organizations and governing bodies around the world. Ethical systems and practices as we develop, deploy, and adopt AI are crucial to secure long-term human and societal wellbeing. Ethics cannot be delegated to an ethics team, ethics is everyone's business. In this talk, I explore how we can embed Ethically Aligned Design (EAD) across organizations to ensure our AI choices, products, and services are ethical and exist for the ultimate benefit of humanity.
  • The Age of New Metrics. HINT: It's Critically About Human Flourishing
    It's not an exaggeration to say that our new technologies will either lead to the evolution or extinction of our humanity. The implications of what we are building are profound. This talk was born out of a conversation I had with a developer in one of the Big 5 tech companies. He said - "if you ask me to design something that maximizes eyes on screen, I can do that. But if you ask me to design something to enhance human wellbeing, I don't know what that looks like." It's clear we need a better understanding of what leads to human flourishing, and how we can develop businesses and technologies that will lead to the enhancement of a healthy, thriving, and wise society. This talk delivers just that.
  • Reclaiming Our Humanity: Creating a More Human (and Joyful) Future in the Age of Machines
    How do we preserve our human agency in a world where machines will ever increasingly be more sophisticated at manipulating our choices? How do we create a life of joy & meaning? This talk is for all of us. Increasingly, our lives are being shaped, mediated, and even run by our technologies. As these become more and more sophisticated, the potential for us to lose our agency is real. The potential for us to bequeath our happiness to machines increases. Based on deep neuroscience, the latest psychological and social reasearch on choice, happiness and meaning, and the pragmatic wisdom practices from eastern & western traditions, I explore how we can each take steps to reclaim our choices and humanity, become more human, and create a life of great joy and meaning.


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